100% Natural Healing Products for Skin and Joint Pain Conditions

Who we are

Plants Aid is a family run business located in the beautiful Royal Deeside,in Scotland.
Over the years , as a healthcare professional, I came across numerous cases when people where struggling with different skin conditions such as eczma, psoriasis, rosacea or acne, as well as with joints pain and arthritis.

My family and I have also experienced some of these conditions which provided us with first hand experience regarding their debilitating and painful symptoms.

Unable to find on the market any 100% natural creams to promote healing, we started our own research to find the most suitable plants and cosmetic laboratories to create a range of creams.

After a lengthy process, our Plants Aid 100% natural creams came to life.
We only use the purest ingredients and essential oils that will soothe your symptoms.

We believe in the healing power of nature to provide us with the best remedies.

Our creams have been carefully formulated to get the very best out of every single ingredient so you feel the full benefit of nature’s touch.

Wishing you good health ,

Plants Aid team